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  • Alginate therapy has been proven to be safe and effective without any known side effects for over 25 years. It is non-systemic, meaning it works locally at the site of action and doesn’t affect the entire body.

  • Alginate therapy is safe for long term use. It is not linked to side effects like dementia, pneumonia, mineral depletion, or chronic kidney disease.

  • Safe for children over 10 years old and for women during pregnancy.

  • Refluxly is a supplement free from aluminum, saccharin, glycerin, and paraben. Many acid reflux medicines have unwanted chemicals. Heartburn relief shouldn’t require you to ingest these chemicals.

  • Refluxly is made from natural ingredients - sodium alginate, calcium carbonate, and potassium bicarbonate.

  • Convenient chewable tablets. Easy to take with you, unlike messy gels.

  • Made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients in a GMP Registered facility.


  • “This product fixed 30 years of gastric discomfort.” - verified customer review

  • “After 11 straight months of dealing with LPR reflux and 5 doctors and numerous trials on every PPI med, I finally got relief!” - verified customer review


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